The WPH Charitable Trust, a Health Care Charity, consider all types of applications for Medical and Health Care Funding from and for individuals of any age who live in Coventry and Warwickshire area.

The WPH Charity recognises that the impact of long term disability and chronic illness on the individual and the family may not be just physical but also have very significant psychological and financial knock-on effects.

Medical funding therefore considers applications for medical support, healthcare needs, helping individuals to live with disability and chronic illness as well as provide rehabilitation and respite for the individual, family or carer.

The needs of the disabled cover a wide range of ages and needs and the disability funding provided reflects this. The WPH Charity is very aware of the financial strain and impact of chronic illness and disability within a family with its effect of loss of employment and the “double whammy “of the increased needs of the individual.

No applicant should ever think that their need is too simple or small to be considered eg tumble driers, carpets, mattresses, sensory items, specialist car seats

Below are just a few of many case studies, from which both individuals and organisations have received funding for disability care and equipment

  • Individual: for skills re-training as a result of disability
  • Individual: for a new electric wheelchair
  • Individual: for a replacement floor and bathroom wet room to accommodate disabled use
  • Individual : respite breaks Specialised computing equipment for the deaf or speech impaired.
  • Individual: for an adapted tricycle to help with physiotherapy
  • Integrated Disability Service: for transport costs

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